Monday, June 4, 2012

Finding A New Normal

Where have I been you ask?

Well, I've been on vacation--or at least my brain has been.

My body on  the other hand has been right here at home doing laundry and all that other mommy stuff.

But every time I try to write a blog post--my brain draws a blank---so it must have been on vacation.

I'm hoping it went somewhere nice--like a quiet little cabin on a lake.

Where it could sit with a cup of coffee on the back porch and watch the sun rise.

Does my brain drink coffee when it's separated from my body?

Anyway, we are all adjusting to a new normal around our house.

Going from nine people--back to six people does feel rather different.

And yes, there have been some tears, and some yelling, (Why do little boys yell when they feel sad?) but we're going to be ok.

I can tell--because my brain is back from it's vacation, and feels like blogging again.


  1. 'Cause MAD is really just sad.

    All that therapy was worth somethin'!

    Welcome back. It takes awhile to find a new rhythm.

    Be blessed on the journey.

    1. Thanks Jennifer! Somehow I knew you would understand! Any advice for finding that new rhythm?

  2. You have been missed! Glad your brain decided to join your body again. lol....

  3. Welcome Back...yes you were missed.
    I like your title. Yup, finding your new normal might take sometime.

  4. what is normal dear??? LOL sometimes I dont know!!
    I missed you is nice see you again!


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