Friday, August 10, 2012


Currently I'm struggling with something.

Every year our church has camp meetings just across the state line about 150 miles from where we live.

I've been attending quite regularly since I was a baby.

This year and last year we've had to miss them.

To go out of the state with a foster child requires written permission from the birth parents.

We already had a wedding this month that required an out-of-state permission slip.

Birth mom is not real cooperative about this, and we figured once a month was pushing it.

The sweet little gal who is currently snoozing in my arms is totally worth this.

But there is a part of me that struggles with this.

Being a parent is hard.

You will miss important events because your children are sick.

You will lose sleep, dignity, and privacy.

It just comes with the territory.



  1. If I can, I would like to say, you are doing something very important. Remember, we are not of this world and God is good. He will remember and give you favor. But yes, pareting is hard!

  2. Yes, lots of sacrifice...and you just have to be wise at what is best in each situation. Don't feel guilty about missing some events. When you're dealing with others, like a birth mother, you have to choose wisely. I would agree that you don't want to push her too hard....quality over quantity, right? I've been saying that phrase all week...God must be trying to tell me something, too! ha.

  3. When the twins were little I lost a lot of events.
    ..and still.but is not matter to me when.we choose be Mom I think we know this is true is difficult and so tired sometimes but I think.really God help
    us dear and God always
    Loads of love to you!


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