Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Little Boys

Upon hearing a bit of scuffling in my younger boys bedroom this morning I entered To get them up.

"Good morning" I sang out cheerfully, and this is what I heard in reply.

"I poop!!!!" (from the two year old)

"I didn't pee the bed mom!" (from the three year old)

Bodily functions are a big part of their world right now. :)


  1. Lol so the little kids arent sweet?!??love this!

  2. Sounds about like our house at times!

  3. I read a funny one the other day.
    Definition - "boy,n. 1. noise with dirt on it."

  4. Had to think of your post here yesterday... Junior had asked me where Ryan was, and (as a few minutes before I'd seen him head back toward his bedroom) I replied "he's in his room". Out came a little voice " I'm going poop!", to which I replied " then I hope you're not in your room!" The bathroom is right beside his bedroom... - Joanna


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