Saturday, August 4, 2012

Things I'm Happy For This Saturday 6

Haven't posted one of these in a while. :)

My Washer and Dryer I can't even estimate how much time these two appliances save me.

Children waking up happy  My almost two year old is always cheery in the morning--snuggling with me and saying "Luf oo mom"

Garden Produce We don't have a garden of our own this year, but so many of our friends have blessed us with their bounty--thank you!!!!

My Case Worker She went on vacation this past week, and I truly missed her--I know case workers sometimes get a bad rap, but this one is a GEM!!!!

A Husband Who Understands I've had a number of days this past week that I didn't accomplish much--due to a baby that wanted to be held, and he never complained once--just pitched in and helped when he got home after working all day in the heat--he's one of a kind!!!!

What makes you happy today?


  1. What lovely post Rebecca!
    Make me happy:
    Be in peace
    Bake something
    know the twins are ok
    (heard when they laughing)
    Can rest when Im tired at night
    sweet friends that make me smile

  2. aw...what a sweet post. Thankfulness is contagious....just reading your list made me grateful, too. :)

    yes, you better keep a hold of that hubs. ;)


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