Thursday, August 30, 2012


We are starting our school year next Tuesday.

I'm feeling a bit of panic.

I have a nine week old baby.

My two year old is acting his age--think flopping on the floor and screaming when life doesn't go his way. :(

I'm still taking baby to two birth parent visits a week which removes about 5 hours from my week.

Oh, and my canning is not done.


I'm ready for the more scheduled days.

The quiet mornings when all that can be heard is pencils scratching.

The restful afternoons when the little ones nap and the older ones have quiet time.

In the words of my oldest son.......

"Summer was fun, but I'm ready for school."


  1. I have always found Fall (back to school) a bit sad. Once into the new and regimented schedule, it feels great.

    You do have your hands full and I know that you are strong and full of love. Along with God, you will manage beautifully.

  2. I think your son is so cute:))


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