Friday, January 25, 2013

Think About It

The other day I was talking about some of the different blogs that I read and why I enjoy them.

Today I have something for you to think about.

Adoption is important to our family.

Actually, I'm the only one in our family who isn't adopted--my parents were stuck with me without a choice.

However, I understand that not everyone is called to adopt.

I do think that everyone is called to support adoption in one way or another.

Think about it!

Pray about it!

Then go read about this beautiful family who is adopting.


  1. Dear I think adoption is one if the most beautiful things in the life, is the more important I mad ein my life I think:)))

  2. About adoption I believe God have kids in some part special to us, when you have the baby in your arms you think "Is like always I know him or her" really!


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