Friday, January 18, 2013

What's New

I really didn't fall through the cracks--I just got a little carried away with my Christmas vacation from blogging.

We are back to homeschooling, and our normal routine.

This winter has been a sad disappointment to "snow-loving" me.

Sugar Pea's case is dragging along with an almost depressing lack of action in any direction.

We have been battling colds, and flu-like symptoms off and on since Christmas--currently I am the lucky owner of a sore throat.

Sugar Pea had a well-baby check-up, and her dr. told me that the local version of the flu is lasting a minimum of two weeks.

He also told me--after looking in her ears--that she has a double ear infection.  I was shocked!  She is teething, and fussy, but no fever.

My older boys received snow boards for Christmas, and lucky for them you only need a little skiff of snow to use them.  They have spent a lot of time flying down the hill in our back yard.

That's a little random news from our home...........what's new with all of you?


  1. Welcome Back!
    Thanks for catching us up.
    I will be praying for you and the adoption process.

  2. Hope you all get well and stay that way!

    Nothing new on my end...but it's really great to see you!

  3. Sore throats are no fun! But then you already know that :) Hope you get better soon and little Sugar Pea as well!

    My big boys got snow boards too but theres work better on a heavily snow covered hill. We have not gotten enough snow for this so I suggested to hubby that he might have to take them to the slopes.

  4. Busy, busy,, housecleaning, getting ready to start a new school year and anticipating both visitors from the States and a trip back there in the next few months!


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