Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Where In The World

have I been?

I wish that I had some profound excuse for my lack of posting here........alas I do not.

Real life has filled my days and stolen my nights.  I'll try to do a quick update here and pick up posting from there.

My two older boys are wrapping up their school year.  We have about five or six weeks left.  I'm ready to be done, they are ready to be done......enough said.

My two younger boys are doing well.  They have both made some monumental progress in their emotional growth over the last six months.  It's amazing how secure they both seem compared to when they first came home almost three years ago.  They play, and fight, and play......just like normal little boys.

Sugar Pea has had a really rough winter.  She has had five ear infections since Christmas.  Currently we are scheduled to see an ENT about tubes for her ears.  She doesn't sleep well at all.  We are hoping desperately that she will sleep better after that procedure.

Noah is currently teething.  Lots of drool, and a little fussiness.  He is still a very happy baby.  He gets up about once a night, eats, and goes right back to sleep.  He rolls over, and pushes himself up and rocks back and forth on his "haunches".  He is a little social bug, he likes to be in the center of the activity at all times.

My husband is starting back to work a little more.  The income is much appreciated, but we all miss him.

I'm feeling really ready for spring.  Our area has had a monumental amount of snow this year, and I'm itching to be able to be outside a little more.

Hope to post more soon!


  1. Oh, I have so many questions for you but, they will wait.
    Just glad you "pop" up and let us know you are doing well.
    Missed you!

  2. I missed you Rebecca! Im happy to see you again!

  3. Nice to see you back. Post when you're able. It's only a blog. It comes second to the real world.


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