Friday, April 4, 2014


It's raining out today.

My boys ( 11, and 9) are bored.

So, I put them to work cleaning out the fridge.

They now know how to use the word repugnant appropriately in a sentence. 

I'm not telling how long it's been since the fridge was cleaned.


  1. haha...send them down here. That's on my to do list for tomorrow!

  2. Sounds like my fridge. It was a bit embarrassing to have help moving when one fridge had dried/rotten blood in it, from a package of meat I thawed that leaked. I cleaned it the next week, though! You might enjoy what I posted on Facebook today: Need a way to keep the preschoolers busy during school? Let them play in the puddles for an hour, then put them in a warm bath for another hour! Then, let them wipe up the floor.

  3. honestly I hate cleaning the fridge dear!


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